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Caught in the Storm by SaphyreMelodies Caught in the Storm by SaphyreMelodies
fffffff yes it has been a while, dear watchers

This was rather fun, even though backgrounds are still a pain. I have this tool that makes it really easy to create sand.

This is Xian, but not presently. He looks a bit different now. But I never drew him using his powers. And plus, good pose and anatomy practice for me.

8'D I can't think of more to say about this.

Art and Character (c) ME ~SaphyreMelodies
TheKeymashingQueen Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ah this is an interesting piece with a very distinct objective.

A lot of people forget composition and the idea of cutting their drawing in three. Its seen as tacky to center everything and (whether you meant to or not) you managed to pull the eye from one corner to the other.
Xian is not centered while be center focus. I know this sounds like a silly thing to point out but I've seen many center their characters during attacks (this usually flattens the mood and cuts off a lot of what you can do)

Your lines are extremely clean and your hands are interesting (You actually have five fingers!)

Now, your lines are clean but outline moer then you have to. The lines on his abs and chest would look better is they were shadowed instead of traced out for the audience. Your perspective could use improvement (at the moment his torso doesn't look foreshortened and instead looks rathe small.) These are always tricky poses so i suggest asking someone to help you with it.

Another issue is that Im not certain where his hair is going or how is blowing. some strokes suggest tat there is a halo effect happening in the wing but no in the hair.

This would could be advanced with some more shadowing and distinction one where xian is actually standing o3o b

all in all a good piece going in the right direction just not complete yet ouob
Wiseman999 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
So epic. QAQ
SaphyreMelodies Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha XD I'm so glad you think so!
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